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1967 Recap

There's a definite theme to pennant races in Dugout Wizards - they are invariably tightly contested and 1967 had a pair of races that stand proudly with any of the others.

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1966 Recap

After back-to-back seasons of excellent pennant races, 1966 dawned with the promise of more hard-fought battling between the powers in both leagues. This time there'd be some new blood in the mix, especially in the National League where for the second straight season a team put on a historic display of brilliance - and for the third straight season, a new club laid claim to the pennant.

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1965 Recap

It would have been difficult for the 1965 season to live up to the standard set by the exciting pennant races of the previous campaign. And though it didn't - quite - make it, the '65 season was pretty darn competitive itself.

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