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1956 EEL Rookie Draft

There was one big name in the 1956 amateur draft – Point Anne, Ontario native Robert Marvin Hull – better known as Bobby.

At just 17 years old, Hull isn’t eligible to play in the NHL yet – he doesn’t turn 18 until January 3 – but he is expected to make a significant impact in the near future and that was why the Bruins tapped him with the #1 overall pick. Hull will start the season at Hershey while he polishes up his skills for his inevitable debut on the big stage in Boston.

The entire draft unfolded as follows:

Rd 1

  1. Boston: Bobby Hull LW
  2. Cleveland: Bill White D
  3. Pittsburgh: Gilles Tremblay LW
  4. Buffalo: Chico Maki RW
  5. Chicago: Gary Aldcorn LW
  6. Brooklyn: Murray Balfour RW
  7. New York Barry Ashbee D
  8. Toronto: Dave Amadio D
  9. Chicago (from Montreal): Larry Regan RW
  10. Detroit: Bruce Gamble G

Rd 2:

  • Buffalo: Doug Barkley D
  • Cleveland: Irv Spencer D
  • Boston: Willie O’Ree LW
  • Pittsburgh: Joe Szura C
  • Chicago: Stan Smrke LW
  • Brooklyn: Ian Cushenan D
  • New York: Don Ward LW
  • Toronto: Tom Thurlby D
  • Montreal: Don Simmons G
  • Detroit: Dale Anderson, D

Rd 3:

  1. Buffalo: Carl Wetzel G
  2. Cleveland: Ron Ingram D
  3. Boston: Ed Kachur RW
  4. Pittsburgh: Wayne Hicks RW
  5. Chicago: Jerry Wilson C
  6. Brooklyn: Les Colwill RW
  7. New York: Gord Redahl F
  8. Toronto: Marcel Paille G
  9. Montreal: Glen Cressman C
  10. Detroit: Billy Carter C

Rd 4:

  1. Buffalo: Dan Olesevich G

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