Dugout WizardsWelcome to the homepage of Dugout Wizards Baseball (DWB). DWB is a baseball simulation league using the Out of the Park Baseball simulation to recreate baseball history starting with the 1964 season and progressing through modern baseball history.


If you are interested in being one of the Dugout Wizards, please feel free to contact the commissioner through the Info link in the main menu above.


Baltimore Orioles 0 0 .000 -
Boston Red Sox 0 0 .000 -
Chicago White Sox 0 0 .000 -
Cleveland Indians 0 0 .000 -
Detroit Tigers 0 0 .000 -
Kansas City Athletics 0 0 .000 -
Los Angeles Angels 0 0 .000 -
Minnesota Twins 0 0 .000 -
New York Yankees 0 0 .000 -
Washington Senators 0 0 .000 -
National League
Chicago Cubs 0 0 .000 -
Cincinnati Reds 0 0 .000 -
Houston Colt .45's 0 0 .000 -
Los Angeles Dodgers 0 0 .000 -
Milwaukee Braves 0 0 .000 -
New York Mets 0 0 .000 -
Philadelphia Phillies 0 0 .000 -
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 0 .000 -
San Francisco Giants 0 0 .000 -
St. Louis Cardinals 0 0 .000 -

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Dugout Wizards Baseball

Dugout Wizards

About Dugout Wizards 

Dugout Wizards uses the latest version of Out of the Park Baseball to simulate Major League Baseball history. The league will begin play with the 1964 season and progress from there.

Participation Requirements:
1. GMs must own the latest version of OOTP baseball
2. You must be willing to update your team several times per week (this includes setting lineups, pitching rotations and relief roles, handling injuries, managing your roster, participating in the draft and free agency and participating in forum-based activities such as league polls and discussions).

Simulation Schedule:

DWB will play one week of games per day from Monday thru Friday each week. The commissioner will provide updates on changes due to holiday breaks, vacations, etc., but this schedule will be the norm. With this schedule it will take about six weeks to complete a regular season schedule, playoffs will require another week and off-season activities will generally take bout two weeks, for a nine (or ten) week cycle.

Initial Startup:

All teams began the league with their actual organizational rosters as of the 1964 season. Real staff (managers, coaches, and trainers) will be set up for each team as well as other active "free agent" staff so that all persons involved in the league will be real life people. The same holds true for ownership - the real owners will be modeled as well as will ownership changes.

League Structure:

The league will use the same structure as MLB during the seasons being played. Therefore there will be no divisions during the 1964-68 seasons, the two-division setup will be used for the 1969-1993 seasons and the three-division setup will be put in place in 1994.

In addition, all levels of minors from Rookie Ball up through Triple A are included. All players who were active in professional baseball in the 1964 season are included at league start. Now that OOTP includes real life minor leagues, the game itself will manage affiliate changes and import the annual crop of rookies.

Reserve Clause & Free Agency:

The reserve clause will be in effect from league start until the 1976 season when free agency will be introduced. This means teams retain the rights to players indefinitely (or at least until 1976). DWB will attempt to model free agency as it existed in reality, within the bounds of what's possible within the OOTP simulation.

GM Job Security:

In an effort to avoid outright tanking, human GMs can be fired. If a GM is fired, he will be eligible for another opening but can not return to his team right away and will be replaced by a person from the waiting list (should there be one) or by one of the other league members who wishes to switch jobs. If another opening already exists, the fired GM is eligible to be "hired" by that team. In a case where no one is on the waiting list and no other human GM wants to take the open job, the team will be run by the AI for one season at which time the fired GM may return. Therefore all GMs should do their best to avoid being fired.


There will be no "work stoppages" in Dugout Wizards.

Draft Rules:

The draft will be historical in spirit - picks can not be traded and the order is based on the order of finish the season before. The pool will be comprised of players who made their professional debut that season and will include players who were actually draft-eligible and international players (who were actually signed as free agents, but will be part of the draft pool in DWB).


The postseason will be based on the actual postseason setup used by MLB in the season being played. This means that the League Championship Series will start in 1969 and be best-of-five through 1984 and go to best-of-seven for 1985 and beyond. A wild card team and Division Series will be introduced in 1994.

If you are interested in being one the Wizards, please contact the commissioner by completing the contact form accessible through the 'Info' link at the top right of the screen.