The American PastimeWelcome to the homepage of the Hardwood Heroes Basketball League (HHBL). HHBL is a linked college and pro basketball simulation league using Fast Break College Basketball 2010 and Fast Break Pro Basketball 3, both published by Grey Dog Software.

The HHBL began with the 1981-82 season and features real college players who feed into the pro league. At league start every college player was real as was (of course) every pro player in both the NBA and CBA. Ongoing recruiting classes are approximately 30% real players, with those real players representing the cream of the crop of each recruiting class, ensuring that only real players - and not game-generated fictional players - will continue to feed the pro leagues. 

This linked system allows the participants to watch their players develop from raw freshman to Hall of Fame NBA star. Such legendary players as Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and many more began as freshmen in the college league and will progress through their collegiate careers and into their professional careers.

If you are interested in being a part of the HHBL - either pro or college (or both!), please feel free to contact the commissioner through the Info link. Please note that you will be required to own the Fast Break Basketball game(s) needed for the pro and college leagues respectively!

Don't forget to check out the HTML reports for both leagues, as well as the forum, by using the links in the Main Menu above (under Basketball >Hardwood Heroes)



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