Welcome to the home of Hoops Thru The Years, or as the Commish likes to call it: HoTTY. 

HoTTY is a basketball sim league using Fast Break Basketball 3 from Grey Dog Software. HoTTY is playing through the history of pro basketball from the early days of the industrial-based National Basketball League in 1937-38 thru today's high-flying NBA. The twist here is the HoTTY will use fictional players in a historical framework. Will a wizard of ball-handling show up and team up with a defensive master to lead the HoTTY Celtics to glory in the 50s? Will a giant among men debut to shatter scoring records as the game transitions in the 60s? Will there be a high-flying scoring machine to dominate the 90s? All of these questions will be answered as we take a trip through the history of pro hoops!