Old School Hoops AssociationWelcome to the homepage of the Old School Hoops Association (OSHA). OSHA is an Action! PC Basketball league replaying basketball history from the dawn of the "modern game" - the introduction of the 24-second shot clock, which completely changed the way basketball was played and pushed the NBA into a new era of popularity and growth.

With an initial dispersal draft setting the start-up rosters, the teams and league will be free to create a new history, but one based on the framework of the historical NBA (and possibly eventually the ABA was well - we'll see how it goes!) as the league will use historic team names, relocations, expansions, etc as we move forward through basketball history.

With the game's first superstar - George Mikan (he's the guy in the picture over there) - having hung up his Chucks, the game is now in the capable hands of the second wave of star players - guys like Bob Cousy, Bob Pettit, Neil Johnston, Paul Arizin and others. And the next wave of stars - the guys who would power the league through the turbulent 1960s, guys like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor & Jerry West - are on the not-too-distant horizon.

The league uses an unweighted lottery where the bottom half of the league all have an equal shot at the top pick in the annual draft. Each team will keep six players with the ability to "pull back" two more during the draft to ensure a balance between continuity and fair access to talent.

If you are interested in being a part of the Old School Hoops Association, please feel free to contact the commissioner through the Info link.


Old School Hoops At A Glance

Current League Date: Final 1956-57 Regular Season


                 W  L   Pct    GB  Stk  L10   Div   Conf   Home  Road   OT   3Pt   10Pt  Half+ Half-   100+  .500+ .500-     Pts   Opp  Diff                                                                             
New York        47 25  .653     -   W3  6-4  20-16 20-16   0-0   0-0   2-0  13-6  28-14  36-5   6-18  12-7   19-12 28-13   112.8 106.6   6.2                                                                            
Philadelphia    36 36  .500  11.0   L1  6-4  21-15 21-15   0-0   0-0   1-1   7-5  23-19  26-6  10-28  10-5   17-20 19-16   105.7 106.5  -0.8                                                                            
Syracuse        29 43  .403  18.0   L2  5-5  16-20 16-20   0-0   0-0   1-2   8-10 12-24  22-5   7-37   5-7   11-27 18-16    95.3  98.2  -2.9                                                                           
Boston          21 51  .292  26.0   W1  3-7  15-21 15-21   0-0   0-0   0-1   5-11 11-29  15-15  5-34   9-17   9-31 12-20   101.7 109.5  -7.8                                                                           
                 W  L   Pct    GB  Stk  L10   Div   Conf   Home  Road   OT   3Pt   10Pt  Half+ Half-   100+  .500+ .500-     Pts   Opp  Diff                                                                            
St. Louis       55 17  .764     -   W2  7-3  27-9  27-9    0-0   0-0   2-2  10-6  32-6   41-7  13-6   32-7   22-9  33-8    114.0 103.3  10.8                                                                           
Rochester       44 28  .611  11.0   L2  5-5  22-14 22-14   0-0   0-0   3-1   8-8  28-14  36-8   6-20  13-5   11-18 33-10   103.8 100.4   3.5                                                                           
Fort Wayne      38 34  .528  17.0   L1  7-3  17-19 17-19   0-0   0-0   0-1   8-7  15-15  27-8   6-23   7-8   15-19 23-15   102.5 101.7   0.7                                                                           
Minneapolis     18 54  .250  37.0   L5  2-8   6-30  6-30   0-0   0-0   0-1   5-11  5-33  10-6   7-47   5-8    9-34  9-20    91.3 101.0  -9.7                                                                           
  Power Rankings                                                                                                                            
 1 St. Louis                 55-17    96.2                                                                                                                                                                
 2 New York                  47-25    93.7                                                                                                                                                                 
 3 Rochester                 44-28    93.0                                                                                                                                                                 
 4 Philadelphia              36-36    92.8                                                                                                                                                                 
 5 Fort Wayne                38-34    89.4                                                                                                                                                                 
 6 Syracuse                  29-43    86.8                                                                                                                                                                 
 7 Boston                    21-51    85.7                                                                                                                                                                 
 8 Minneapolis               18-54    84.2                                                                                                                                                                 
  League Leaders    
  Scoring                    Rebounds                    Assists                     Steals                          
1 Schayes        Roc 29.2  1 Stokes         StL 18.4   1 Cousy          Bos 6.3    1 Shue           MnL 2.8                                          
2 Pettit         StL 28.2  2 Pettit         StL 16.3   2 Stokes         StL 4.6    2 Cousy          Bos 2.8                                          
3 Arizin         Phi 25.6  3 Russell,B      FtW 15.7   3 McMahon        NYK 4.2    3 George         FtW 2.7                                          
4 Yardley        FtW 25.2  4 Schayes        Roc 13.7   4 Sharman        NYK 4.2    4 Sharman        NYK 2.4                                          
5 Johnston       MnL 23.9  5 Lovellette     NYK 12.0   5 Braun          StL 3.9    5 Martin,S       FtW 2.4                                          
  Blocks                     Field Goal%                 Free Throw%            
1 Macauley       NYK 3.1   1 Lovellette     NYK .512   1 Sharman        NYK .909                                            
2 Sears          Syr 2.9   2 Twyman         NYK .488   2 Schayes        Roc .878                                            
3 Johnston       MnL 2.9   3 Braun          StL .474   3 Garmaker       Roc .844                                            
4 Russell,B      FtW 2.7   4 Houbregs       Bos .472   4 Johnston       MnL .817                                            
5 Foust          Bos 2.2   5 Arizin         Phi .451   5 Arizin         Phi .815                                          
    Top 5 Performances                                                                                                                                                                
    Scoring                                     Rebounds                                     Assists                                   
 56 Pettit           StL vs Phi 12/12        36 Stokes           StL vs Bos 12/4          11 Johnston         MnL vs StL  2/2                                                                 
 54 Lovellette       NYK vs Roc 12/30        33 Stokes           StL vs NYK  1/10         11 Cousy            Bos vs NYK 12/18                                                                 
 51 Schayes          Roc vs FtW  2/16        32 Stokes           StL vs NYK  2/26         11 Cousy            Bos vs MnL 11/10                                                                 
 50 Lovellette       NYK vs Bos 12/18        29 Stokes           StL vs FtW  1/29         10 Sharman          NYK vs Phi  3/10                                                                 
 49 Yardley          FtW vs StL  1/17        29 Stokes           StL vs FtW  1/17         10 Cousy            Bos vs Phi  2/2                                                                                                                                                                    
    Steals                                      Blocks                                        Game Score                                       
  8 Guerin           Syr vs Phi  3/3         10 Russell,B        FtW vs StL 12/18        57.8 Pettit           StL vs Phi 12/12                                                                   
  8 George           FtW vs Bos 12/23         9 Foust            Bos vs MnL  1/25        50.7 Lovellette       NYK vs Bos 12/18                                                                   
  8 Shue             MnL vs Bos 12/7          8 Kerr             Syr vs Bos  3/9         50.0 Stokes           StL vs Roc 11/13                                                                   
  8 Cousy            Bos vs MnL 11/28         8 Macauley         NYK vs Syr 12/2         47.6 Schayes          Roc vs FtW  2/16 
  7 Sharman          NYK vs Bos  2/2          7 Johnston         MnL vs StL  2/2         47.6 Schayes          Roc vs StL  1/25                                                                   
    Field Goals                                 Three Pointers                                Free Throws                                                               
 22 Lovellette       NYK vs Roc 12/30                                                     24 Arizin           Phi vs StL  1/24                                                                   
 21 Pettit           StL vs Phi 12/12                                                     23 Schayes          Roc vs Syr  2/24                                                                
 20 Lovellette       NYK vs Bos 12/18                                                     23 Schayes          Roc vs FtW  2/16                                                                 
 20 Pettit           StL vs Bos 12/4                                                      23 Sears            Syr vs NYK  1/24                                                                 
 19 Lovellette       NYK vs StL 12/11                                                     21 Schayes          Roc vs Bos  2/9                                                                  
   All-Star Teams                                                                                                                                                                
   First Team                   Second Team                   Third Team                                                             
PG Gene Shue - MnL           PG Chuck Mencel - StL         PG Slater Martin - FtW                                                                     
SG Bill Sharman - NYK        SG Carl Braun - StL           SG Dick Garmaker - Roc                                                                     
SF George Yardley - FtW      SF Paul Arizin - Phi          SF Jack Twyman - NYK                                                                       
PF Bob Pettit - StL          PF Dolph Schayes - Roc        PF Maurice Stokes - StL                                                                    
 C Neil Johnston - MnL        C Kenny Sears - Syr           C Ed Macauley - NYK                                                                       
    MVP Award Standings                                                                                                       
  1 PF Bob Pettit - StL                                                                                                       
  2 PF Dolph Schayes - Roc                                                                                                    
  3 PF Maurice Stokes - StL                                                                                                   
  4 PF Clyde Lovellette - NYK                                                                                                 
  5 SF George Yardley - FtW                                                                                                   
  6 SF Paul Arizin - Phi                                                                                                      
  7  C Neil Johnston - MnL                                                                                                    
  8 SG Bill Sharman - NYK                                                                                                     
  9 SF Jack Twyman - NYK                                                                                                      
 10  C Kenny Sears - Syr

Team By Team Statistics

Boston Celtics
Boston Celtics
Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne Pistons
Milwaukee Hawks
St. Louis Hawks
Minneapolis Lakers
Minneapolis Lakers
New York Knicks
New York Knicks
Philadelphia Warriors
Philadelphia Warriors
Rochester Royals
Rochester Royals
Syracuse Nationals
Syracuse Nationals

Full HTML reports (Latest Boxscores, Team Charts, Etc)

Old School Hoops Association

Section I: Basics
A. The latest version of the Action!PC Basketball game is required to participate in the OSHA. Should a new version be released during an OSHA season, the season will be completed in the "old" version before transitioning to the new version, unless the membership believes the new features dictate switching midseason. This would be subject to a vote of league membership.
B. All league members will be required to maintain an account on SimSportLeagues.com, which is the host site for the OSHA.
C. The league will begin with the 1954-55 season and will be modeled upon the historical NBA in terms of cities, team names and divisional alignment.
D. The league will play the historical NBA schedule for the season being played.
E. Relocation and team name changes will take place according to history.

Section II: Initial Setup and Stock Draft
A. Prior to the first season GMs will select their real-life team name and name one franchise player from that team's actual 1954-55 roster.
B. An initial stock draft will be run to determine the league's starting rosters. The order of the draft will be the reverse of the franchise selection draft.
C. The draft will be serpentine, meaning that teams picking first in odd-numbered rounds will pick last in even numbered rounds.
F. The draft will continue until all teams have 12 players. At that time, any team with more than 20,000 combined minutes played will be removed and the other teams will continue to draft until all teams have 20,000 total minutes played OR 15 players. No team may have more than 15 players. Once all teams are legal (20,000 minutes played or 15 players) any remaining players may be signed as free agents on a first-come, first-served basis as long as the team signing the player has fewer than 15 players.

Section III: Player Retention/Draft Lottery/Annual Draft
A. Each GM must keep six players at the conclusion of each season. This includes any players the GM wishes to retain who missed the following season (due to injury, temporary retirement, etc). These "uncarded" players DO count towards the six player limit. After the first round is completed teams may elect to "pull back" an undrafted player who was with their team at the conclusion of the previous season and may do so again at the end of the second round (so you may be able to keep eight players, but two of them must be exposed to the draft).
B. Once all GMs have submitted their six initial keepers, the draft will begin. The player pool for each draft will be composed of incoming rookies and all other players not listed as a keeper by the teams.
C. The order of selection will be set by a draft lottery. During the eight-team era, this lottery will include the two teams who did not make the playoffs as well as the two teams who lost in the first round of the playoffs. All four will have an equal chance and all four slots will be determined at once, based on four state lottery Pick-4 type games. The states for the lottery will be Eastern Time zone states with Pick 4 evening drawings and the GMs may select their state from a list provided by the commissioner prior to the lottery. The last-place winner gets first choice, followed by the next worst team and so on. The drawing on a specified date will be used with the resulting numbers sorted low to high and the lowest number getting first pick, second lowest the second pick and so on. 
D. At the conclusion of round one every GM may elect to add one keeper to his initial six (the player must have finished the season with the team and, obviously, not have been drafted by another team in round one). This process will repeat after round two. These additional "keepers" are optional at the discretion of the GM.
E. The draft will continue until each team has 12 players (teams which reach 12 players before others will sit out until all teams have 12), at which point any teams with over 20,000 cumulative minutes played will be exempted from the draft which will continue until all remaining teams have either 15 players or at least 20,000 cumulative minutes played.
F. Any players remaining in the free agent pool following the draft will be available to all teams during the course of the season on a first-come, first-served basis.

Section IV: Game Play
A. League Rules will be based on the league rules used by the NBA for that season.
B. Usage restrictions for the regular season are real life games played plus three games.
C. All teams must have a complete depth chart and rotation grid for their road games.
D. Games will be played versus a computer COA file submitted by the opponent UNLESS both GMs agree to play head to head. If playing against a computer manager the neutral court setting will be used. If playing a human, home court advantage will be turned on.
E. Each GM will play his own home games using Rule IV.D above to determine whether the home court advantage setting should be on. Since most games are likely to be played vs the AI using an opponent's .coa file, neutral court should be the default.

Section V Block Format, Coach Files and League Schedule
A. The season will be divided into five blocks, each consisting of between 15 and 18 games per team (each will vary from block to block and team to team) and there is no guarantee that home and away schedules within each block will be split evenly for all teams, but all teams will be close (within a game or two) to having a 50/50 home/road split in each block.
B. Each GM is responsible for submitting at least one coach (.coa) file for his team for each of block of the regular season.
C. GMs may elect to submit coach files for each road game in a block, tailoring their substitution patterns, strategies, etc for each individual opponent. They may also elect to submit just one coach file for the entirety of the block. This is up to the individual GM. The .coa files will be included in the block's zip file so that home GMs can import them before playing games (particularly in instances where the road GM has submitted game/opponent specific coach files).
D. Coach files must be named XXXX.coa where the 'XXXX' is your team's city name OR XXXXatYYYY.coa if they are submitting a coach file specifically for one opponent (with XXXX their team and YYYY the home team). In cases where teams play an opponent more than once per block, the date may be appended to differentiate between the games.
E. Each block file, containing the latest coach files and updated game results, will be posted on the league's website/forum by the commissioner and also sent via email by the commissioner to the league membership.
F. GMs will download the league file and update their game with it, and then will use it to play their own home games against the opponent's coach files. GMs are required to use opponent specific coach files as applicable.
G. Each GM is required to post his game's results in the league forum. Writing a recap is optional (but would be nice), but attaching the file and inserting the boxscore is required.

Section VI: Transactions
A. Players and draft picks are tradeable commodities.
B. The trade deadline will be the completion of block 3 and all deals must be posted by one participant's GM and confirmed by all other participants on the league forum prior to the reporting deadline for the end of each block. A moratorium on trading will be in place from the end of block 3 until the completion of the league championship series (GMs are free to discuss trades during the moratorium but no deals may officially be posted or processed.
C. At no time can a trade leave any of the participants with fewer than 12 or more than 15 players on the roster.
D. First round draft picks are valuable trade currency. As such no more than two first round picks can be dealt by a team, and these picks can be no more than three drafts in the future (to prevent a GM trading away all his first round picks, leaving the league and leaving us with a team with no GM and no first round picks either).

Section VII: Postseason Play
A. The playoffs will be structured according to the NBA playoffs for the season being played. At the league start this means three teams in each division make the playoffs with the regular-season division winners getting a first-round bye and the second and third place teams facing off in a best-of-three series. The losers of those first round series will be placed into the draft lottery, the winners obviously move on to face the division champions in the Divisional Finals (best-of-five) followed by the best-of-seven NBA Finals.
B. Home-away format will follow history as much as possible within the limitations of the Action game.
D. NetPlay is strongly encouraged for the playoffs, but is not required (this may be subject to change based on GM input).
E. Postseason series usage rules are as follows:

  1-19 1 game
  20-49 2 games
  50+ 3 games
  11-20 2 games
  21-40 3 games
  41-60 4 games
  60+ 5 games
  11-20 2 games
  21-30 3 games
  31-40 4 games
  41-50 5 games
  51-60 6 games
  61+ 7 games