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Dugout Wizards – Rules

The Dugout Wizards league is designed to mimic real life baseball as closely as possible within the constraints of a baseball simulation league that is…

1971 Recap

1971 was the year of the Miracle Mets. New York’s National League club had been born in the expansion of 1962 and endured a string of awful seasons through the 60s before showing some signs of improvement by the end of the decade. Several years of high draft position coupled with selecting the right players […]

Dugout Wizards 1970 Year in Review

1970 Recap

Whether one viewed 1970 as the end of the 60s or the start of the 70s was ultimately immaterial in baseball terms. Because in terms of the baseball season, 1970 was definitely one to remember. From the eclipsing of baseball’s most prominent career record to the emergence of some very talented young players, to the […]

Dugout Wizards - 1969 Year In Review

1969 Recap

Major League Baseball added four new teams for 1969 and to say it had a significant impact on both leagues would be a monumental understatement. For one thing, for the first time ever, the leagues split into divisions, adding a round of playoffs before the World Series. The League Championship Series would pit the divisional […]

1968 Recap

In the last season before divisional play, in what would become known as the Year of the Pitcher, there were some incredible performances and – at least in the Senior Circuit – another great pennant race. The National League race came down to the final weekend of the season once again. And this time a […]

Dugout Wizards 1967 Year In Review

1967 Recap

There’s a definite theme to pennant races in Dugout Wizards – they are invariably tightly contested and 1967 had a pair of races that stand proudly with any of the others. In the Senior Circuit, four teams finished the campaign with 90+ wins and three of them ended the season within a game of each […]

1966 Recap

After back-to-back seasons of excellent pennant races, 1966 dawned with the promise of more hard-fought battling between the powers in both leagues. This time there’d be some new blood in the mix, especially in the National League where for the second straight season a team put on a historic display of brilliance – and for […]

1965 Recap

It would have been difficult for the 1965 season to live up to the standard set by the exciting pennant races of the previous campaign. And though it didn’t – quite – make it, the ’65 season was pretty darn competitive itself. The big story in ’65 had to be the outstanding season by the […]

1964 Recap

Dugout Wizards got off to a rip-roaring start with an unforgettable 1964 season that saw tight pennant races in both leagues capped by a seven-game World Series for the ages. In the American League three teams topped 100 victories (New York, Minnesota and Baltimore) while a fourth (Chicago) won 93 ballgames in arguably the best […]

Dugout Wizards - an OOTP Baseball League

Dugout Wizards

Welcome to the homepage of the Dugout Wizards baseball league. DWB uses the Out of the Park Baseball simulation to remake baseball history. The league’s…