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    As some of you know (if you either read it in the in-game messages, or looked at Slack), OOTP imported a bunch of guys who were missing from the 1965 draft pool and made them free agents when I processed to the start of offseason. We will be doing a draft to allow teams to pick up some of these guys. We’ll do 2 or maybe 3 rounds (I have to count the players) and will probably use StatsLab like we do for our rookie draft.

    I’m going to do a lottery for the draft order for this free agent draft. I think (hope) this will be a one-time thing and I’d rather have it be random than based on order of finish because even though the Mets, A’s, etc are all bad, I don’t feel like it’s completely fair to have them get two Hall of Famers out of what should have been one draft. Bench, Carew, etc should have been in the ’65 draft so I’m not sure it’s fair to have the Mets get both Seaver and Bench (for example) and the A’s get both Reggie & Carew because of an OOTP issue when realistically someone else would have gotten two of those guys if the draft had worked as it should have.

    So that this is as random & fair as possible we’ll use state lottery games to determine the order. Tonight’s “Pick 4” style drawings in the states listed below will determine the order. Lowest number picks first and then next-lowest, and so on. In case of ties, worst record in the ’65 season is the tiebreaker.

    Since some teams share states, there will be some that don’t match their home state, so I picked something nearby (in most cases) that has a Pick 4 style game. Minnesota doesn’t have a Pick 4, so the Twins will use Wisconsin’s. The western states were a bit of a problem, so the Dodgers will use Rhode Island. In the event that a state has multiple daily drawings, the last drawing of the day is the one we’ll use.

    I will get the results tomorrow morning from this website: http://www.lotteryusa.com/

    Here are the state-to-team matchups:

    Braves – Georgia
    Orioles – Maryland
    Red Sox – Massachusetts
    Angels – California
    White Sox – Illinois
    Cubs – Indiana
    Reds – Kentucky
    Indians – Ohio
    Tigers – Michigan
    Astros – Texas
    Athletics – Missouri
    Dodgers – Rhode Island
    Twins – Wisconsin
    Yankees – New York
    Mets – Connecticut
    Phillies – New Jersey
    Pirates – Pennsylvania
    Giants – Oregon
    Cardinals – Iowa
    Senators – DC

    I’ll send out the order tomorrow, probably through OOTP. You might want to d/l the league file and take a look at the free agents to get a feel for who’s in there (there are a lot of good prospects from HOFers like Bench, Fingers, Carew & Catfish to some All-Star level guys. I’d say that most if not all teams will get someone at least useful out of this draft.

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