The American PastimeWelcome to the homepage of the Lords of the Rink (LOTR) hockey league. LOTR is an Action! PC Hockey league replaying the glory days of the "Original Six" era with an eye towards moving through the Expansion Era and beyond!

The LOTR began with the 1957-58 season and will continue to move forward through history, with expansion planned to coincide with the actual expansions of the NHL.

From Gordie Howe to Jacques Plante, all the stars of the Original Six era are present in the league - though not necessarily with their historical club. LOTR pays homage to these greats by reliving their feats on the ice through the APC Hockey sim engine.

If you are interested in being a part of the LOTR, please feel free to contact the commissioner through the Info link.



LOTR At A Glance

Current League Date: Final Regular Season
Lords of the Rink 1962-63 Standings

NHL            G  W  L  T  Pts    Pct   GF  GA Diff      Home           Road          Last 10
Detroit       70 29 25 16   74   .529  187 179    8    13 14  8       16 11  8        8  1  1   
New York      70 31 27 12   74   .529  199 194    5    14 14  4       17 13  8        4  6  0   
Boston        70 29 27 14   72   .514  170 168    2    12 16  7       17 11  7        4  3  3   
Chicago       70 31 30  9   71   .507  179 157   22     0  0  0       31 30  9        6  4  0   
Montreal      70 30 31  9   69   .493  171 179   -8    11 18  6       19 13  3        6  4  0   
Toronto       70 25 35 10   60   .429  174 203  -29    13 15  4       12 20  6        1  8  1   

  Power Rankings
 1 Chicago                   31-30    50.2 
 2 Detroit                   29-25    50.1 
 3 New York                  31-27    50.1 
 4 Boston                    29-27    50.0 
 5 Montreal                  30-31    50.0 
 6 Toronto                   25-35    49.8 

  League Leaders
  Points                       Goals                         Assists                       +/-
1 Murray Oliver  NYR 64      1 Bobby Hull     Chi 36       1 Murray Oliver  NYR 48       1 Marcel Pronovo Det 25
2 Henri Richard  Bos 64      2 Camille Henry  NYR 30       2 Red Kelly      Det 42       2 Moose Vasko    Det 19
3 Jean Beliveau  Mon 64      3 Dave Keon      NYR 28       3 Jean Beliveau  Mon 40       3 Kent Douglas   Chi 15
4 Camille Henry  NYR 57      4 Henri Richard  Bos 25       4 Henri Richard  Bos 39       4 Red Kelly      Det 14
5 Bobby Hull     Chi 57      5 Frank Mahovlic Tor 25       5 Ab McDonald    NYR 36       5 Henri Richard  Bos 13

  Save%                        Shutouts                      PIM                           Fights
1 Johnny Bower   Bos .922    1 Johnny Bower   Bos 9        1 Carl Brewer    Mon 200      1 Howie Young    Det 19
2 Glenn Hall     Chi .921    2 Glenn Hall     Chi 8        2 Ted Green      Tor 169      2 Carl Brewer    Mon 15
3 Jacques Plante Mon .908    3 Terry Sawchuk  Det 5        3 Howie Young    Det 152      3 Eddie Shack    Det 13
4 Gump Worsley   NYR .905    4 Eddie Johnston Tor 4        4 Reggie Fleming NYR 137      4 Ted Green      Tor 11
5 Terry Sawchuk  Det .905    5 Don Simmons    Tor 2        5 Bill Gadsby    NYR 134      5 Reggie Fleming NYR 9

    All-Star Teams
    First Team
LW  Bobby Hull - Chi
 C  Murray Oliver - NYR
RW  Henri Richard - Bos
 D  Bill Gadsby - NYR
 D  Pierre Pilote - Chi
 G  Glenn Hall - Chi

    Second Team
LW  Camille Henry - NYR
 C  Jean Beliveau - Mon
RW  Gordie Howe - Det
 D  Tim Horton - Tor
 D  Allan Stanley - Chi
 G  Johnny Bower - Bos

    Third Team
LW  Parker MacDonald - Det
 C  Dave Keon - NYR
RW  Jean-Guy Gendron - Det
 D  Marcel Pronovost - Det
 D  Jean-Guy Talbot - Bos
 G  Jacques Plante - Mon

    MVP Award Standings
  1 Glenn Hall G - Chi
  2 Bobby Hull LW - Chi
  3 Henri Richard F - Bos
  4 Camille Henry LW C - NYR
  5 Johnny Bower G - Bos
  6 Murray Oliver C - NYR
  7 Jean Beliveau C - Mon
  8 Dave Keon C - NYR
  9 Red Kelly C - Det
 10 Gordie Howe RW - Det

Lords of the Rink Hockey League Rules


Simulation Engine: LOTR will always use the most recent version of Action!PC Sports Hockey. In such cases as when the new version of the game is released during the middle of an LOTR season, the league will upgrade at the conclusion of the season - unless memership wants to upgrade sooner. Ownership of the current version of APC Hockey is required for membership in LOTR.

Initial League Alignment: LOTR follows historical NHL alignment.

GM Participation: GMs can elect to play their own home games and submit to the commissioner, or play as a GM only and allow the commissioner to play the games centrally. 



Roster Size: Each team may have no more than 24 players on the roster at any time. Of these 24, only 16 skaters and 2 goalies may be active for each game. Players may move freely between active and scratch during the season.

Player Retention: All teams may keep up to 14 players each season. Goalies do count towards this limit.

Retention Limitations: GMs are limited in the number of players they can keep within their 14-man list. No more than 1 goalie can be protected UNLESS both goalies' total games played in the upcoming season is less than 70 games. Similarly GMs can not keep more than 4 players at any forward (C, LW or RW) position or more than 6 total defensemen. For positional purposes, the primary position listed on the APC Hockey roster disk is considered to the player's position. 

"Uncarded" Player Retention: Any player who missed a season in real life may be kept on the inactive list by his GM. This player does NOT count against the 14 man limit in seasons in which he is inactive. Once the player returns, he will count against the 14 player limit.



Annual Draft: Prior to each season, both leagues will hold drafts for all unprotected players and that year's incoming rookies. The draft will last 10 rounds with any remaining players left being free agents who can be picked up during the season by any team.

Goalie Rule: Any team which does not have at least 56 real-life goalie games played prior to the start of round 3 of the draft MUST select a goalie in round 3 and continue selecting goalies in each successive round until they have 56 or more goalies games played. All teams who do have at least 56 real-life goalie games played may not take a goalie until after round 3.

Free Agents: Teams may sign 1 player from the FA pool per block. If the addition pushes the team over 24 players, they must release a player to create space. if multiple teams want the same player, priority goes to the team with the worse record, in case of tie last season's record is used.



Expansion: Expansion will occur when it did in real life. LOTR will always emulate the NHL exactly in terms of number of teams, team locations and team names. 

Relocation: As mentioned above, LOTR will follow the NHL's franchise history, therefore teams will move as they did historically. 

Contraction: See above.



Season Length: LOTR will follow historical season lengths, divisional formats and schedules. 

Session/Block Length: Each session (or block) of the LOTR season will cover two weeks of the NHL/WHA season (measured Sunday to Saturday) and cover one week of real-time. 

GM Play: Each GM will play his own home games against computer coach profiles provided by the other GMs with the neutral ice setting ON.

Reporting: When a GM is finished with his games for a block, he should provide a short recap of each game posted to the league forum. He should also provide one export file containing the results of all his team's games for that block, named in the following manner: TM-Block-#.HKX (so Montreal's first block results filename would be MON-Block-1.HKX). This file is to be emailed to the commissioner prior to the block deadline. Missing the deadline means your games will be autoplayed.

Game Rules: Appropriate rules for the era for each league will be in use (such as no OT in the NHL)

Injuries: Injuries are off



Player Usage: Player usage is limited based on real-life games played as shown below:

1-15 24
16-26 36
27+ 125% OF REAL LIFE



Series Format: LOTR will follow the NHL's historic playoff format.

Settings: If GMs agree, games may be played head to head; otherwise home GM plays the games with home ice advantage set on.

Usage: Any player with more than 36 games played in real life may play the entire playoff series; usage resets each series. Any player with less than 36 games played in real life may play 10% of his real life games plus 2. Therefore the fewest amount any player can play in a playoff series, even if he had only 1 real life GP, is 2 games.