Mythic Option: Fresh Re-boot

I’m creating this page as a static location that people can use to view the ideas behind the “reboot” option for the Mythic League Baseball. This will be a current reflection of the way things are leaning and can change, so having one spot for it rather than having guys have to hunt through Slack to find the post, seems to make sense.

I’ll try to organize this in a somewhat logical manner.


  • Start in 1876 or maybe 1871
  • Each GM gets a “slot” and each slot is tied to a team. In the event there are fewer active teams than slots, the guys with unassigned slots will get the next team.
  • This will allow the GMs to follow “their” team(s) through the pre-play period.
  • At start, possibly allow the GMs to choose their city. Each city would have a slot, and it would be secret (known only to the commish). The slots will be drawn randomly. The guys who picks cities who have slots between 1 and however many teams there are at start, would therefore have a team. The others would wait to join in their chosen city when expansion happens, or a team folds, etc.
  • We’d use MLB league structure, probably including the league names (my creativity only stretches so far, and most of it has been used up in creating the Figment league names)
  • Teams would be fictional – the reasoning for using MLB structure is to streamline the process of teams folding, league expansion, etc.
  • Teams would get health scores (as outlined in the original Mythic rules) and can fold. When this happens that slot goes to the back of the line and the next slot up gets in (unless the league “shrunk” in which case the dropped slot still goes to the back of the line).
  • Since we are following MLB league structure, it will be known when a team folds (just not which team or teams). The team(s) with the lowest score(s) when a team left MLB historically will get folded at the end of the season when the health check is run.
  • Once we get to 1901, the 16 MLB teams will be locked in and no one will fold. At this point we either go live for a 1901 start and anyone without a team gets an independent AAA minor league team or the pre-play continues with essentially the same outcome for the GMs, (see below)
  • Starting with 1901 GMs can be “fired” if the team has poor performance. If this is now an online league, the AAA guys will be hired into teams were GMs are fired. Fired GMs can choose which independent AAA team they run while waiting for a big league job.
  • If the pre-play is to continue to 1950, the 1901 season will be the point at which GMs will become involved in off-season player procurement. Probably not a true “rookie draft” but there will be some mechanism for picking up players outside of trading.