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Below you will find short descriptions of the various leagues here. To the right are some links to posts relating to the leagues. Feel free to poke around and use the Info link if you’d like to become a participant or just want more information.

Dugout Wizards - an OOTP Baseball League

Dugout Wizards (DWB) is a baseball league utilizing the Out of the Park Baseball simulation. DWB started with the 1964 season and has moved into the 1970s. The league is historical in basis, meaning the players and teams are real and expansions, relocations, etc all occur as they did historically. The league has full minors with the minor leagues, teams and affiliations all mirroring reality.

The goal of the league is to mirror the real life environment as closely as possible to give the people participating a fun and engrossing experience running a Major League organization from the lowest levels of the minors to the big league club.

From the draft to the induction of Hall of Famers, the entire career arc of the individual players is simulated.

If you’re interested in Dugout Wizards please use the Info link to contact the commissioner.

The One World League (OWL) is a football league using Draft Day Sports Pro Football from Wolverine Studios as the league simulation engine.

Like EEL, OWL imagines an alternate reality, with a slight twist. OWL starts with the 1983 debut of the United States Football League. Both the USFL and the NFL will be modeled.

The alternate reality portion of the OWL setup will come in the way the USFL handles its business. As most pro football fans know, the USFL attempted first to compete with the NFL for top-level players and then in a move that cemented the doom of the league, the USFL decided to go head-to-head with the NFL in the fall (rather than stick with the spring schedule they had been utilizing).

The twist will come in that the USFL will follow the so-called “Dixon Plan” which David Dixon, the league’s primary architect laid out as a blueprint for league success. There is more on this in the league’s blog section here on the site.

Early Expansion League Hockey

The Early Expansion League (EEL) is a hockey league utilizing the Simon T Hockey Simulator. EEL postulates an alternate reality where the NHL expanded more than a decade earlier than they did historically. EEL’s expansion took place in the 1954-55 season, adding four new teams to the Original Six: the Brooklyn Americans, Buffalo Bisons, Cleveland Barons and Pittsburgh Hornets. The league later contracted the Barons and Hornets, leaving an eight-team league split into east and west divisions.

Unlike the other leagues here on Sim Sport Leagues, the Simon T simulator has a GM application that is free to use, meaning participants do not need to purchase the simulation engine. The GMs manage their team rosters, lines and strategies through the free GM Client, making running a team not only easy, but also 100% free.

As with the other leagues here on, if you are interested in participating or just would like more information, use the ‘Info’ link in the main menu.