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Below you will find short descriptions of the various leagues here. To the right are some links to posts relating to the leagues. Feel free to poke around and use the Info link if you’d like to become a participant or just want more information.

Dugout Wizards - an OOTP Baseball League

Dugout Wizards (DWB) is a baseball league utilizing the Out of the Park Baseball simulation. DWB started with the 1964 season and has moved into the 1970s. The league is historical in basis, meaning the players and teams are real and expansions, relocations, etc all occur as they did historically. The league has full minors with the minor leagues, teams and affiliations all mirroring reality.

The goal of the league is to mirror the real life environment as closely as possible to give the people participating a fun and engrossing experience running a Major League organization from the lowest levels of the minors to the big league club.

From the draft to the induction of Hall of Famers, the entire career arc of the individual players is simulated.

If you’re interested in Dugout Wizards please use the Info link to contact the commissioner.

Coming Soon:

Modern Oldies Baseball – modern financial rules in the 1930s.

A Whole New Ballgame

Looking for an all-fictional league? Check out Figment League Baseball over on






Original 6 Hockey

Coming Soon – the Original 6 Hockey league, a Franchise Hockey Manager 5 league that will play the Original Six era of hockey starting with the 1942-43 season.