Welcome to Sim Sport Leagues!

Welcome the Sim Sport Leagues website. This is the home of various simulation sports leagues, playing various sports in several formats and utilizing various sim platforms. There are leagues in baseball (Out of the Park Baseball), basketball (Fast Break College and Pro Basketball and Action!PC Basketball), and hockey (SimonT Hockey Simulator and Action!PC Hockey).

Each league is showcased below. If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up, please use the Info link in the menu above.


Baseball (OOTP)

Dugout Wizards  - An OOTP Baseball League

Basketball (Action)

Old School Hoops Association - An Action!PC Basketball League

Basketball (Fast Break)

Hardwood Heroes - A Fast Break Basketball Pro and College League

Hockey (Action)

Lords of the Rink - An Action!PC Hockey League


  • Dugout Wizards Baseball (OOTP): 1967 season


  • Old School Hoops Association (APC Basketball): 1957-58 season


  • Currently none though various ideas are being considered.


  • Lords of the Rink (APC Hockey): 1963-64 season
  • Early Expansion League (STHS): 1955-56 season